What's it all about?

The You Alright Pal? Project stems from our own personal experience in breaking down on nights out and seeing others go through the same struggles. Alcohol has a direct negative effect on our Mental Health as it is classed as a depressant. If there are underlying Mental Health Conditions, then the consumption of alcohol may trigger them or make them worse. At first, this may just seem like someone is drunk and emotional - but there could be a deeply engrained reason that they are experiencing such intense emotion on their night out and this is where we would like to step in and help.

The Project focuses on supplying posters with a clear message to restaurants, bars, and night clubs to hang and install either openly in their venue or in all bathrooms within the venue. The aim here is that these bright and welcoming posters will attract the attention of someone whilst they may be experiencing a breakdown of emotion.


The clear message "You Alright Pal?" is friendly, welcoming, and non-intrusive and therefore, we hope, will entice them to continue reading. Throughout the poster, they will find a message telling them that alcohol may be having a negative effect on their mental health but that they are not alone and that we CAN help. They will find contact information for both Samaritans and for NHS 111. We hope that by providing these posters to venues we can intercept people at their most vulnerable position and help to build them back up. We believe that by doing this we can actively help to reduce rates of self-harm and suicide.




This £30 will pay for two posters to be installed in each bathroom within 1 specific venue. These posters will be mounted and framed within a clear plastic coating in order to preserve them for as long as possible.

Any and all donations towards this cost are greatly appreciated. Your donation could just save someone's life!

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