Better Thoughts was founded in 2018 by Adam Bentley as a way to spread positive messages across Facebook and Instagram. Since then, Better Thoughts has evolved to involve Live Music Events to fundraise money for charities such as SAMH and SeeMe Scotland and continues to grow and evolve today. We now also provide a mental health blog as well as free advice and resources to those who need them most.

Currently, our main vision and aim is to provide "You Alright Pal?" posters to every bar and night club in Glasgow before venturing out to Edinburgh and other surrounding major cities. By doing this, we believe we can impact the rapidly growing self-harm and suicide rates within the UK.

If you would like to help us in our mission, you can donate securely via Paypal using the button below. All donated funds will go towards the cost of fitting posters within Glasgow venues. To learn more about our You Alright Pal? Project, please visit the dedicated page.